The Artist

ANDRENA BONTE (ANDI) constructs one-of-a-kind sculptures.  She calls them “Divine Inspirations in Clay”. Each piece is unique and is born in its own way.  Many times a piece will morph from one form into something entirely different during the process of its creation.   

Each piece is kiln-fired and then may be glazed and/or hand painted.  Her focus at this time are heads, masks, vases and abstract sculptures.  The inspiration for the heads and masks are from her travels to various areas where indigenous peoples live.  The abstract pieces and free-form vases are purely from her imagination.

Andi is a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist in Chinese Medicine in Oakland, NJ.    She attributes working on patient’s bodies and with people has had a huge influence in her work and why she started this endeavor in the first place.



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